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Bent Wheel Fest

This Thursday, help us support our friend Rylan at the Bent Wheel Fest.

We're playing a show with Kimberley MacGregor, Dana Wylie and Kirsten Elliott, and Sebastian Barrera.

Recently, homeless shelter employee and champion of the local arts scene Rylan Kafara was slapped with a $6200 bill from insurance company Wawanesa after he was involved in an accident with a 2013 Toyota Venga. Rylan was on his bike, and was lucky to come away from the scene alive. He is in no position to pay the hefty sum demanded of him, and this week, Wawanesa refused his offer to pay the Venga owner’s deductible in lieu of the actual cost of the damage repair.

Luckily, Rylan enjoys so much love and support in his community that an indiegogo campaign initiated by one of his friends has already raised $4000. But he decided to go the press with his story because he wants to raise awareness as well; his experience working in a homeless shelter has shown him how often unjust curve balls like the one he’s received are the catalyst for sending vulnerable people into inescapable spirals of poverty.

Cover: $15

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