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The Skips are a folk pop duo with a love for quirky lyrics and thrift store instruments.


Mike Siek is the melodic half of the Skips (guitar, bass, Omnichord, harmonies, drums, and more). He spent his teen years fronting a cover band in Inuvik, where he learned that it's extremely difficult to get seal fat off your guitar cables. Mike also works as a graphic designer and videographer.


Marissa Kochanski writes lyrics about dismal dance floors, mean horses, tightrope walkers and on rare occasions, love. She provides musical support on ukulele, cowbell, slide-whistle, kazoo, and miniature Casio keyboards. Marissa is also a freelance designer for theatre companies and festivals, and is the resident set designer for St. Albert Children's Theatre.


The Skips combine their love for music, drama and design to create theatrical, fun-filled shows for audiences of all ages.

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