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Marissa Kochanski & Mike Siek


I dreamed of a horse

Graceful and fleet

Her mane was dancing in the wind

The ground barely touched her feet


She’d whicker when she saw me:

I’m your horse and you’re my girl

Climb upon my back now

And let’s go see the world


I pleaded with my parents

They said Maybe one day

I studied books and learned some things

Like a white horse is sometimes a Gray

I saved up my allowance

I wished on starry skies

Until one day it happened

Much to my surprise


My parents bought me a

Wide, Wide Horse

It was like riding a table

Except tables don’t try to scrape you off on trees


My parents bought me a Wide, Wide Horse

The meanest mare in the stable

And if by chance she runs away

Can I have a Pegasus please?


I know I was lucky

To get one at all

But the only time I can catch her

Is when she’s stuck inside her stall

I guess that I don’t blame her

We all want to be free

The only time she likes to run

Is when she runs away from me




Hello, horse, magnificent and wide

Wouldja like to go for a ride?

Really? That’s fantastic!

Oh. You were being sarcastic





Bob Tildesley on trumpet.

Doug Organ on keyboard.

The Skips on everything else.



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